Who is Frontier airlines affiliated with?

Get ready to embark on the ultimate journey with Frontier Airlines! This low-cost carrier exudes excitement, energy, and a no-nonsense commitment to getting you where you need to go. Whether you’re traveling for business, pleasure, or a little bit of both, Frontier has got you covered with an array of services that will make your trip enjoyable and affordable.

Frontier Airlines was started in 1994, and today it’s one of the most popular airlines in America. What sets Frontier apart from others is its commitment to quality and affordability. Frontier’s motto is “Low Fares Done Right,” and they truly live up to this promise.

Are you looking for a hassle-free way to book flights, and all the information you need about Frontier Airlines? Then, keep reading! With a range of codeshare partners, interline agreements, and loyalty program partnerships, Frontier Airlines offers its travelers a convenient and seamless travel experience.

Frontier is your pathway to incredible destinations, whether you’re flying for work or pleasure. With Frontier Airlines, you can get to more places within your budget.

We invite you to enjoy the journey with Frontier Airlines, and discover what it means to be a part of a community that is passionate about delivering an exceptional travel experience to travelers.

Frontier Airlines’ Affiliations

Frontier Airlines may be a low-cost carrier, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited in terms of partnerships and affiliations. In fact, Frontier has an impressive network of codeshare partners, interline agreements, and loyalty program partnerships that allow travelers to enjoy a seamless travel experience.

What are these affiliations, you might ask? Let’s dive into Frontier Airlines’ impressive list of partnerships.

Codeshare Partners

One of Frontier Airlines’ most notable affiliations is its network of codeshare partners. These are airlines that have agreements with Frontier to sell tickets on each other’s flights. Frontier has codeshare agreements with several carriers, including:

Great Lakes Airlines
Silver Airways
American Airlines

Interline Agreements

Another significant partnership option is interline agreements. These agreements allow airlines to accept each other’s tickets and baggage, enabling travelers to book a single ticket that includes multiple airlines. Frontier has interline agreements with several carriers, including:

American Airlines
Delta Air Lines
United Airlines

Loyalty Program Partnerships

Frontier Airlines has also established loyalty program partnerships with a variety of partners. These partnerships let Frontier’s EarlyReturns members earn rewards on purchases made with various partner companies. For example, Frontier Airlines’ EarlyReturns loyalty program has partnerships with:

Avis Rent a Car
Sixt Rent a Car

In each of these affiliations, Frontier Airlines ensures that its passengers receive the same high-quality service that they’ve come to expect from the airline itself. Whether you’re flying with one of Frontier’s codeshare partners, checking bags across multiple airlines thanks to an interline agreement, or earning rewards on your hotel bookings with a loyalty program partner, Frontier is committed to providing you with a seamless, enjoyable travel experience. It’s just one more reason why Frontier Airlines is quickly becoming one of America’s favorite airlines.

Frontier Airlines’ Ownership

When it comes to understanding an airline, knowing who owns it can provide important context. Frontier Airlines’ ownership history is as fascinating as it is impressive.

Frontier Airlines has undergone several ownership changes throughout its history. The company was originally founded in 1994 as a low-cost carrier based in Denver, Colorado. Since then, it has been bought and sold several times.

In 2009, Republic Airways Holdings purchased Frontier Airlines from its then-owner, private equity firm Indigo Partners. Under Republic Airways Holdings ownership, Frontier continued to expand its network and fleet, becoming a popular airline for budget-conscious travelers.

In 2013, Frontier was sold again, this time to investment firm Indigo Partners, which had previously owned the airline. Under Indigo’s ownership, Frontier Airlines underwent significant changes, including a revamp of its branding and onboard product offerings.

In 2018, Frontier Airlines launched an initial public offering (IPO), making it a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Today, Frontier is wholly owned by Frontier Group Holdings, a private holding company. As a publicly traded company, however, Frontier has a wide range of investors and shareholders.

Frontier’s subsidiaries and parent companies are another important aspect of its ownership. Frontier Airlines’ parent company is Frontier Group Holdings, while its subsidiaries include Frontier Airlines, LLC, and Frontier Airways, Inc.

Despite these ownership changes, Frontier Airlines continues to put its passengers first. The airline’s focus on delivering quality service, affordable fares, and convenience remains as strong as ever. From its humble beginnings as a small regional airline to an airline that serves destinations across the United States, Frontier Airlines has become a beloved part of the American airline industry.

Frontier’s Competition

While Frontier Airlines has made a name for itself as a leading low-cost carrier, it certainly isn’t the only airline in the game. There are a variety of low-cost and major airlines that compete with Frontier every day to win over travelers’ loyalty.

Low-Cost Carriers

Low-cost carriers often offer lower fares than the major airlines, but they may have fewer amenities or additional fees for things like baggage, food and drink, and seat assignments. Frontier Airlines’ main competitors in this category include:

Southwest Airlines: With a focus on low fares and no-frills travel, Southwest Airlines is one of the largest low-cost carriers in the US.
Allegiant Air: Another low-cost carrier with a focus on affordable fares, Allegiant Air serves many smaller, regional airports.
Spirit Airlines: Known for its ultra-low fares and fees for everything from carry-on bags to seat assignments, Spirit Airlines is a fierce competitor in the low-cost carrier space.

Major Airlines

On the other end of the spectrum are the major airlines, which generally offer a wider range of services and amenities than low-cost carriers but might come with higher fares. Frontier Airlines’ major competition includes:

American Airlines: One of the largest airlines in the world, American Airlines serves destinations across the globe and offers a range of premium services.
Delta Air Lines: Another major player in the airline industry, Delta Air Lines flies to hundreds of destinations around the world and has a strong focus on customer service.
United Airlines: With a worldwide network of destinations and a range of onboard services, United Airlines is a top competitor in the airline industry.

So, how does Frontier Airlines stand out among this fierce competition? The airline’s focus on low fares, quality service, and convenient travel options has won over travelers across the US. From its easy-to-navigate website to its onboard amenities, Frontier is committed to making travel affordable and enjoyable for everyone. With a wide range of destinations and a growing network of codeshare and interline partners, Frontier Airlines is quickly establishing itself as a leading player in the airline industry.


Frontier Airlines is a dynamic airline that has revolutionized travel for budget-conscious travelers. With its commitment to low fares and quality service, it has gained a loyal following in the airline industry.

From codeshare and interline agreements to loyalty program partnerships, Frontier has developed a robust network of affiliations that make travel convenient and seamless for its passengers. Whether you’re flying with Frontier or one of its codeshare partners, you can expect the same level of service and affordability that Frontier is known for.

Frontier’s ownership history is also impressive, and its transition to a publicly traded company has opened up many new opportunities for the airline’s growth and development.

While Frontier Airlines certainly faces some stiff competition in the airline industry, the airline’s focus on quality service and affordability has set it apart from other leading airlines. Whether you’re looking to travel for business or pleasure, Frontier Airlines can help you get there with minimum expenses and maximum convenience.

So, if you’re ready to indulge in a new travel experience, Frontier Airlines is the perfect choice for you. Its innovative spirit and commitment to providing quality, affordable travel make it the go-to airline for budget-conscious travelers. Choose Frontier Airlines for your next adventure, and see why so many travelers can’t get enough of this low-cost carrier.

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