Hobbiton Movie Set


As a fan of the Hobbit Series I could not miss it!

It appeared a bit differently compared to movies but it was always outstanding!

Some months ago I decided to visit a continent I had never visited before, the Oceania. There are three main countries there: Australia, New Zealand and Papa New Guinea, but I decided to focus one just one of these, New Zealand. I don't really know why, maybe because a famous player of an MMORPG game (Maple Story) was from there ahah.


Anyways, when I arrived there the weather was terrible. It was raining for almost 2 days without stop. It was not the best start for a trip. After that I started to explore the city and it was really nice. Mt. Eden is a really nice mountain to see, especially when you're there at the top, and the suburbs are really beautiful.


After that I went to the central place of the city, the Sky Tower. It's an awesome tower and has one of the biggest observatories of the world. You can see the whole city from there. It's really great!


Then I had to leave Auckland, the biggest city of New Zealand, and travel to Wellington, the capital. It was a 15 hour bus ride, but I didn't have to pay anything because it was a tour. The bus was really comfortable and we could have some sleep in it. I slept fine, even if we had to change buses very early in the morning.


Wellington is a very small city and you can visit almost the whole city in one day. I stayed there for 3 days, it was enough for me to see the most interesting places.


The capital is really nice, it has a lot of green areas and parks. The main park is the "Te Papa" museum, it has a lot of exhibitions and a big aquarium. You can really spend a lot of time there and enjoy a lot!


After 3 days I had to leave Wellington and go to Auckland. I did the same route we did going there. When I arrived in Auckland a friend of mine told me to go to the beach of Mangere, it was really great! I could see the whole city and it was a beautiful sight. I stayed there for a while before going home to sleep.


Next day I decided to go to Mt. Eden again to have a look at the city from another point of view. It was really great! I could see the whole city and the suburbs, it was really awesome!


After that I went to the "Sky Tower" again to have a look at the city from the top. When I arrived I was surprised to see that it was already dark outside. I was there until monday and I hadn't thought that it was already Monday... But it was a great experience!


The next day I decided to go to the beach, it was a long way to get there, but the sight was really great. I could see the whole city and the ocean. It was not that big, but I could find a place to sat down and read some manga. It was really nice to read manga there, it was quiet and the place was beautiful.


After that I went to the "Mount Eden". I've been there before, but it was a different point of view. I could see the whole city from there, I really liked it!


I decided to go to the airport the next day. I arrived there at the same time of sunset. I really liked the sight, it was really beautiful and I could see the whole city. It was really great!


I really liked New Zealand and I really wish to visit there again. I think it's a great place to live and I really liked the people there. They were really kind with me and I really liked that. I hope I can go back there soon, I really liked the place and the people there.